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Steve Jobs onstage

Was just browsing through Youtube and ended up watching all 44 minutes of this, as it´s really quite amazing – Jobs introducing first the iPod, then the iPhone, and finally the iPad, spanning 10 years and even sadly showing his worsening health. I put the middle one first as it´s the one you should see if you just wanna watch one. This is not from a fanboy perspective, but it´s just truly remarkable the thought behind all of it. From him dissing the older Blackberry-like smartphones with their plastic keyboards that are always the same for every application, to him justifying the existence of the iPad (paraphrasing, “for there to be a raison d’être for a device between the smartphone and the laptop, that device would have to do some things much better than them; many thought this device was the netbook, but the truth is, the netbook doesn´t do anything better!”), there´s some real genius at work.


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