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Perfect Preflop Play available for iPhone

Apple just approved my poker app for iPhone. It’s called Perfect Preflop Play (PPP for short). It’s an app that contains a tool to help you make correct decisions preflop, especially for SNGs and MTTs, and to a lesser extent for cash games. The app includes a book available both in English and Portuguese, which discusses with great clarity all of the concepts relevant to the successful use of the app, and which will enhance your general understanding of poker

The direct app store link is:…l=pt&ls=1&mt=8

Our blog,, already features a bunch of articles.

Facebook page:…35979373147402

Be my guest to ask questions from within the FB page. My idea is for it to be a much more complete experience than just an app, but rather to do everything possible to form players with great understanding of what they’re doing. There’s also our Youtube channel,…y?feature=mhee. We’ll put out more videos and articles according to popular demand.



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