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PPP Heads-up Only to be a free app

Introducing PPP entry points, our lowest-level app is going to be launched in October and will be absolutely free. Heads-up Only is going to feature one of the eleven PPP functions (classic heads-up mode) and will allow the user to take Perfect Preflop Play out for a test drive before committing to spending even a dime. 




PPP Heads-up Only will show you one such screen for each starting hand. That’s one out of eleven total functions you can get with our most complete product, PPP Deluxe. Note that the numbers will be correct no only for a heads-up table, but also when you’re in the small blind at a bigger table, and for when you’re in the big blind facing a raise from the small blind. 



We’re planning to launch three products soon to go along with our current one, which will itself be updated for free to included the all-new Relevant Profit mode. With this addition, the player will be able to choose the priority of what is shown to them immediately after hand selection (whether it’s the amount they can call versus each range to break even, or the amount that will yield them ´relevant profit’), and will at all times be able to switch between modes with just one tap.  

Perfect Preflop Play Deluxe will go further and add Monster, our tool for always shoving the small blind with extreme precision. Monster will always tell you, for every hand you can have against all six possible calling ranges, for zero, two, five or eight antes posted on the table, how much you can open-shove in the small blind to take the hand down without having to play versus the big blind out of position. By looking at the numbers for every calling range, you can quickly determined whether shoving is mathematically unexploitable – that is, whether shoving has a better expectation than folding and there is simply nothing your opponent can do, no range they can call you with that will change that. Think about it, it’s quite a powerful concept. Monster will also feature ‘relevant profit’ mode, in case you’re looking not only for what pushes are positive-expectation, but which ones will result in you increasing your stack by 5% or 1,5 BB (whichever is smaller) on average. 

Thus, for example, when you type ATo into Monster for a game with no antes, you will see that the lowest number there is 59.49 big blinds versus the 8% range (all other ranges allow you to shove even more!). Now, what this means is that you can shove 59 BB in the small blind and that has positive expectation, no matter what the big blind does. For the most extreme example, let’s say they decide to only call you with Aces. All right, you do look pretty stupid when they call you with Aces with a smug smile, but you should not worry about that. Think, instead, about the fact that this exact opponent is only going to call you one time in 408!!! So you shove 407 times, each time stealing 1.5 BB without a showdown, and then they finally call you on the 408th and you’re dominated. My friend, you should be delighted to come across this opponent, and Monster is the guarantee that you will take full advantage of them. 

But if you think that, if the maximum amount you can shove is 59.49 big blinds to break even, then shoving 59 BB is not very profitable – then, well, you’re entirely right. This is where Relevant Profit comes in, to show you that by shoving 19.11 BB and getting called by the range that’s the worst for you (8% range), you are going to show a profit of 0.96 BB, which is 5% of your stack and, thus, quite an unmissable shove. Any shove below that amount is even better. 

Now compare this unexploitable play with limping or raising a normal amount in the small blind and getting called or reraised and playing the rest of the hand out of position. Well, if you’ve ever read a single thing about poker, then you know you should always avoid being out of position, and by shoving the amount approved by Monster, you will cancel that disadvantage for good

Of course, the same numbers apply for when you’re heads-up at the table, with the distinct difference that now you have position in the small blind, and consequently seeing a flop is much better than before. Great for you, you have more options, but the fact remains that the pushes suggested by Monster are still profitable and, you will often find, preferable.  

Finally, Heads-up Suite is the product that’s cheap and meets every need of the heads-up specialist. It will feature heads-up mode (both classic and relevant profit) and Monster, as well as the original PPP book and the Monster book. That way every single hand in a heads-up tournament is covered, whether you’re the one shoving or the one calling. 

These are the functions present in each of our products:



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