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Nicolas Cage´s agent

oh, and by the way, these are all great:


Steve Jobs onstage

Was just browsing through Youtube and ended up watching all 44 minutes of this, as it´s really quite amazing – Jobs introducing first the iPod, then the iPhone, and finally the iPad, spanning 10 years and even sadly showing his worsening health. I put the middle one first as it´s the one you should see if you just wanna watch one. This is not from a fanboy perspective, but it´s just truly remarkable the thought behind all of it. From him dissing the older Blackberry-like smartphones with their plastic keyboards that are always the same for every application, to him justifying the existence of the iPad (paraphrasing, “for there to be a raison d’être for a device between the smartphone and the laptop, that device would have to do some things much better than them; many thought this device was the netbook, but the truth is, the netbook doesn´t do anything better!”), there´s some real genius at work.

Dear penis

Vou de táxi

Did a check on the woman who just split up from Johnny Depp after 14 years – France´s Vanessa Paradis – and learned that she became famous by releasing a single called “Joe le taxi” back when she was 14. It´s a song I had never heard, except that everybody in Brazil (a certain age, that is) has heard it a bunch of times in the voice of long-time TV presenter Angélica. BTW is Vanessa crazy ugly or is it just in comparison?

Fui ver quem é a mulher que acaba de se separar do Johnny Depp após 14 anos – a francesa Vanessa Paradis -, e vi que ela ficou famosa ao lançar o single “Joe le taxi” aos 14 anos. É uma música que eu nunca tinha ouvido, exceto pelo fato de que todos nós no Brasil (de uma certa idade, isto é) já a ouvimos muitas vezes na voz da Angélica. Aliás, que coisa feia essa francesa.

Bigger, longer and uncut

This may be the most fun you can ever have watching a movie. No matter how bad South Park gets, it will never erase the brilliancy of Trey Parker in making these songs, basically designed to deliver as many curse words as possible with beautiful melodies and arrangements.



Velharias da MTV (5)

Dois minutos de pura inspiração.

Velharias da MTV (4)

David Blaine parody series

The first two or three are true Youtube classics. Guy´s face and drawn-on goatee are priceless.







Phil Galfond video blog

This is quite a rare beast in that he is one of the very best poker players in the world (for real, not just some famous, attention-whore douche) who shares all of this knowledge for free, just because he feels in debt with the community, and he´s just a great guy. Highly recommended for all levels.


Final olímpica de esconde-esconde


My favorite Python skit.

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